What We Do

Zyzey is the venture capital fund of Mappiah Venture Holdings.

We make investments and manage investments in the technology startup space for early growth companies. Mappiah Venture Holdings provides investments for growth stage technology startups across the Nordic Area, Baltic and Central European region. We funnel investments for high impact social, environmental and economic outcomes.

Total capital under management will be close to 110M EUR.

Our Zyzey fund is led by a team of experienced executives with broad business, financial, investments and entrepreneurial backgrounds. The team is supported by a network of strategic alliances and an Executive Investor Network, consisting of more than 20 experienced individuals with positive excitement for technology start-ups.

Our capabilities is above the industry benchmark. Zyzey differentiates itself with its strong operational and international experience and network. This is put to use in deal flow generation, benchmarking, business development and transactions.

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