Mappiah Green Fund (MGF) is renewable energy infrastructure fund-of-fund of Mappiah Venture Holdings.
MGF is an innovative Fund-of-Funds channeling private sector capital into clean energy projects in emerging economies and developing countries.


Mappiah Green Fund in Summary

MGF advise investor partners and invest in private equity funds which focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in emerging markets.

MGF’s funds and investors focus on infrastructure projects that generate clean power through proven technologies with low risk.

MGF’s funds and investors target attractive financial investments that also deliver a strong positive environmental and developmental impact.

MGF and partner investors have invested in several large scale projects across Africa, Asia, the Americas and the Caribbean as of August 2017.


A Public-Private Partnership

MGF is structured to advise, channel and catalyse private sector investments into funds and underlying projects by leveraging the public sector seed contributions:

1) MGF is near completing fundraising from private sector investors, which will bring the total funds under management in excess of 200M EUR.

2) MGF advise and invests in private equity funds which, in turn, invest in private sector projects, thereby further enhancing the leveraging effect of MGF’s investments.