Our Strategy

MGF’s advise partner investors and invest in emerging markets with appropriate regulatory frameworks for clean energy, where high quality renewable energy resources and steadily reducing technology costs create compelling investment opportunities.


Our Buttomline

MGF’s advisory and investments aim to bring equal benefits for a triple bottom line:

People: MGF seeks to provide access to sustainable energy and increase energy efficiency in developing countries and economies in transition;

Planet: MGF seeks to fight climate change and contribute to a sustainable environment; and

Profit: MGF seeks to achieve robust financial returns.


Geographical Scope

MGF advise and invests exclusively in funds and investors targeting projects in emerging markets that qualify as recipients for Official Development Assistance according to World Bank, African Development Bank, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Asia Development Bank or European Investments Bank.

Technological Scope

MGF advise and invests in specialist funds developing medium-to-large scale projects in the following sectors:

Renewable Energy – including small hydro, solar, wind, biomass and geothermal; and

Energy Efficiency – including waste heat recovery, energy management in buildings, co-generation of heat and power, energy storage and smart grids.

MGF funds and investors typically work with experienced local developers with a pipeline of projects seeking investment pre-construction.


Target Funds’ Characteristics

MGF engages with funds early in their development and seeks to enhance strategy, team capability and structure, being often the first cornerstone investor in a fund. Underpinning MGF’s investment strategy is a fundamental commitment to financial, environmental and social sustainability, principles which are mutually reinforcing.

MGF funds typically have:

1) Strong technical and private equity transaction skills;

2) A regional focus, an established local presence and networks to generate deal-flow; and

3) An overall size of between 50M EUR and 200M EUR.

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